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Ethnic Pattern White Dream Catcher

$170.00 AUD

Image of Ethnic Pattern White Dream Catcher Image of Ethnic Pattern White Dream Catcher

Hand crafted dream catcher in white leather wrap and fringe with large white feathers. This beautiful dream catcher features a hand painted driftwood twig.

Feathers are hand picked and hand bound in leather and may vary slightly from one another.

Hung on the wall or in a window, it adds a bit of whimsy to any home.
The driftwood twig catches bad/unimportant dreams and allows the good/important dreams to come through the middle and slide down the feathers into the sleeper's head. Bad dreams may be very disturbing, but still have a very important message for the dreamer, so that the dream catcher doesn't necessarily get rid of bad dreams in the sense of nightmares, but in the sense of distracting dreams that have no significance or learning to the dreamer.

Each piece is a one-of-a-kind labor of love.

I can create customised dream catchers: Ask me about creating a special dream catcher for you, using your own custom color ideas.

- All orders come gift-wrapped in eco-conscious materials and
use minimal packaging
- Ship internationally!